INCHES - since 2000

India's first enterprise offering value added services to insurance industry.

Since its inception, the private insurance journey has been a symbol in tenacity and initiative. Every new year has thrown unique challenges, which the industry has faced with resilient elan. The current times are perhaps the most testing and thus call for higher industry collaboration. There is a clear need to manage the public sentiments collectively to both make way for a faster turnaround as well as manage risk rationally.

"Effective Risk Management is going to be the name of the game! Efficient Risk Management will be the road to fame!"

INCHES is India's only enterprise offering exclusive, customized, knowledge based inputs to the Insurance industry, encompassing product design, underwriting, claims, legal, medical audit, risk and compliance functions.

All our products are created to address some client’s pain point.

Having realized the acute shortage of trained medical personnel to aid underwriting, claims, expert opinions and medical audit, beginning 2014 all our solutions are adapted to deploying tech - some help us reach customers all across to deliver solutions within 2-3 hours; other help us manage larger numbers with a lean team; still ensuring consistent quality and finally we are ready with proprietary tool for auto adjudication of health claims.

Largest experience in Pvt Insurance Industry in India (till 31.3.2019)

(Including life, health, motor, critical illness and opinions for cases at legal fora)

Underwriting Specific Medical Insights
Reports opined (Life) 1,37,513
Reported Red flags 33.90%
Proposals evaluated for specific future risks (Health) 6918
Reported Red flags 43.20%
Claims Audit
Claim cases analysed* 17,23,894 cases (Claim pay-out 75.60 Billion INR)
Claim cases Audited 16,695 (Claim pay-out 2.01 Billion INR)
Helped recover/ save, amount of Sum assured 0.192 Billion INR
Decision congruence 81.2 %
Turn Around Time 98% (within stipulated time)
Medico Legal Opinions-Claims (life, health, motor)
Cases Opined* (Cases triggered by insurers as found suspicious) 10,296 cases
Claims opined, worth (approx.) 41.01 Billion INR
Helped save, amount of Sum assured (approx.) 37.14 Billion INR
Decision congruence 99.80 %
Turn Around Time 100% (within stipulated time)